Meet the Team 

Michael Almeida

“Transforming Lives, One Workout at a Time”

My Inspiration

I’m Michael Almeida, and I co-founded EMBODI Fitness with a clear mission: to change the way people perceive fitness. I believe that fitness isn’t a chore; it’s a privilege—a chance to nurture a healthy body and mind.

What Sets EMBODI Fitness Apart

What makes EMBODI Fitness unique is our personalized approach. We don’t offer generic, one-size-fits-all fitness classes. Instead, every session you experience at EMBODI is carefully crafted and guided by me personally. I’m here to ensure that each workout is tailored to help you achieve your goals swiftly, safely, and effectively.

My Qualifications and Specializations

My journey in fitness began at a young age. I started playing soccer at just 10 years old and discovered my passion for weightlifting at 14. During my high school years, I had the privilege of being mentored by one of the state’s most renowned Strength and Conditioning coaches. Over the years, I’ve acquired various qualifications, including the New Jersey Youth Soccer F course license to coach soccer, speed, and agility. My specialties lie in Strength, Conditioning, and sports-specific speed and agility training.

My Training Philosophy

My training philosophy extends beyond the physical aspect. I believe in considering you as a whole individual because there’s so much more to a person than what you eat or how much you can lift. Fitness is about nurturing a balanced and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Changing Lives Together

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals change their perspectives on fitness. My clients have transformed their views from considering workouts as a chore to embracing them as an integral part of their lifestyle.

Join me at EMBODI Fitness, and let’s embark on your fitness journey together. Discover the joy of exercise, the empowerment of transformation, and the privilege of a healthy body and mind.

Diego Poma

“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky’ – Michael Scott”

My Inspiration

Simply put, fitness should be fun! So many people out there are frozen by what they perceive the gym to be. I look to change that and find a way to not only reach your goals but make the process enjoyable the whole way through.


At EMBODI Fitness, we look towards the long term. Our sights for you don’t just end at your first initial goals. They change just like you do as you get more fit and confident in your fitness journey. We want you to be present and available to call onto your body to do whatever it needs to do in the latter years of life!

My Qualifications and Specializations

My passion for fitness began with training in jiu-jitsu and kickboxing throughout my collegiate career and beyond. These experiences revealed the incredible benefits of strength training and mobility, not only for athletic performance but also for overall well-being. In addition to my personal journey, I hold a degree in exercise science from Rutgers University. This educational background equips me with a strong foundation in the science of exercise, enabling me to create tailored training programs that align with each client’s unique goals, whether it’s improving fitness, shedding weight, or preparing for specific events.

My Training Philosophy

Functionality trumps all! The basis of all of our workouts is to ease day-to-day tasks and make you a stronger human. Yes, we can get you ready for your 5k. YES, we can get you ready for your pickle ball tournament. But we’ll also get you ready to run around with your grandkids at 60, pick up heavy boxes to help you move into your brand new house during retirement. Fitness should not be short-sighted. It should keep your 75-year-old self in mind!

Changing Lives Together

I could not be happier to have started EMBODI Fitness as it entails everything I believe in! I want to help every single one of you realize your full potential through exercise and healthy habits.

Join me at EMBODI Fitness and let’s embark on a fitness journey that’s not only effective but also enjoyable, with the goal of living a long and healthy life.